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Xinhai takes you to know the heat treatment

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  Yancheng Xinhai Machinery Co., Ltd.Mainly produces various types of wrenches, sleeve series, auto parts separation fingers, separation plates, connecting screws, various fasteners and stainless steel forging processing. Mainly divided into three production departments of forging, machining and heat treatment. This issue of the small series will explain the heat treatment related information for everyone, I hope everyone can like:

Yancheng Xinhai Machinery Co., Ltd.

  1.Normalizing: The steel or steel is heated to a suitable temperature above the critical point AC3 or ACM for a certain period of time and then cooled in the air to obtain a heat treatment process of the pearlite-like structure.

  2.Annealing: Heat treatment of the hypoeutectoid steel workpiece to 20-40 degrees above AC3. After a period of heat preservation, the furnace is slowly cooled (or buried in sand or lime) to a heat treatment process in which air is cooled below 500 degrees.

  3.Solution heat treatment: the alloy is heated to a high temperature single-phase zone constant temperature maintenance, the excess phase is fully dissolved into the solid solution, and then rapidly cooled to obtain a heat treatment process of the supersaturated solid solution.

  4.Aging: The phenomenon that the properties change with time after being subjected to solution heat treatment or cold plastic deformation at room temperature or slightly above room temperature.

  5.Solution treatment: fully dissolve the various phases in the alloy, strengthen the solid solution and improve the toughness and corrosion resistance, eliminating stress and softening, so as to continue processing.

  6.Aging treatment: heating and keeping warm at the temperature at which the strengthening phase is precipitated, so that the strengthening phase precipitates and is hardened to increase the strength.

  7.Quenching: A heat treatment process in which the steel is austenitized and then cooled at an appropriate cooling rate to cause an unstable structural transformation of martensite or the like in the entire or a certain range of the workpiece.

  8.Tempering: The quenched workpiece is heated to a suitable temperature below the critical point AC1 for a certain period of time and then cooled by a satisfactory method to obtain the desired heat treatment process for the structure and properties.

  9.Carbonitriding of steel: Carbonitriding is the process of simultaneously infiltrating carbon and nitrogen into the surface of steel. It is customary for carbonitriding, also known as cyanidation. At present, it is widely used in medium temperature gas carbonitriding and low temperature gas carbonitriding (ie, gas soft nitriding). The main purpose of carbon monoxide in medium temperature gas is to increase the hardness, wear resistance and fatigue strength of steel. Low temperature gas carbonitriding is mainly nitriding, and its main purpose is to improve the wear resistance and seizure resistance of steel.

  10.Brazing: a heat treatment process in which two workpieces are bonded together with a brazing filler metal.

  The above is the summary of Xinhai. I hope everyone can like it. Our company abides by the tenet of “Quality grabs the market, credibility for customers, and seeks development through improvement”. We sincerely welcome people from all walks of life with quality products and good service. And the majority of new and old customers to visit and guide!

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